My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday's work shift is Done

And it was busy, production going and maint chasing parts and new stock to receive and put away, A.M. called in again, he went home 'sick' Thursday so I worked his shift, T.T. worked his shift Friday instead of receiving, G.D. worked instead of D.D., whose MIL has passed away. G.D. is working his hours due to the emergency so she will be taking off days during the week, calling in or given the days in exchange for the ones she has worked this weekend.
I am glad I will be having the overtime on next week's check, did make my first house payment since this accident yesterday before going to Springfield, have final (we hope) appointment with my orthopedic dr. on 11/12, tried to find jeans or pants I liked enough to buy. Was a change to be trying to buy something besides work clothes.
I ended up ordering what I wanted. Part was overpriced and part was nothing that suited my taste. I am not paying huge sums for jeans that look partly worn out before I even get them on.
My foot is tolerating work better than I expected but I come home with it hurting and want to be down with my feet up once I am home.
The knitting is going slowly, I need to put time into Jake's socks and get them done, they just need 2-3 inches of black ribbing at the top and bound off. My sweater grows very slowly but it is growing, I think it takes about 10 rows to make an inch.
Fall is here, it won't be long before it's winter again. My year has gone by so strangely and with around $100,000 in medical bills, 3 surgeries, far more pain than I ever thought I would be learning to live through. I want this year to end, maybe next year will be better for me.

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