My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Booted Out, LOL

My Long absence from Cargill Supply has gotten my name booted out of the computer system we use in supply. It will take upper management to get me put back in so that means I did not mess up with my password change Saturday, we password in 2 times, and I was still in the first, plant computer system but not in the other one.
It will be fixed today, and I am also to get re-trained and re-certified on the fork truck, that is on some schedule too. And that suits me. I can't use fork truck until I am re-certified but still have the hand jacks to use and I can do a lot of what I need to with that and did in the past, no big change there.
Whole body hurts and gets tired fast but that is to be expected. I am making a tiny dent in the dis-order and dust and such each shift, not a big improvement but as it's continual, it will slowly make a difference, day by day.
The red sweater doesn't gain much each day, but I am knitting on it, and I will be wearing it before the end of this month and be working on the next sweater or should I say sweaters. I want the blue 1 for work to replace the 1 that was cut off me at the hospital so want to start it, and I am designing that 1 from scratch. The purple 1 is going to be my light casual "look nice" sweater so I want it started and I am adapting another Alice Starmore pattern to suit/fit me. Again out of Fishermen's Sweaters, this time I will be using Eriskay for my base and just doing some size adjusting to fit me better, need to do a swatch and see what I get for measurements first though so I can make sure it's not too snug around but not way too loose.
It's getting cool nights now but so far no frost. I have a lot of canna roots to dig, dry and store when it frosts hard, and need to work on the grass and weeds in the garden too, will do some of that Thursday if the weather allows.
I want to play with designing a heavy Aran and do have yarn to knit it but know it will be a harder or more coarse feeling sweater, the yarn is, so not sure what size I want to make it, as not sure I will want to wear it. I am thinking if I adapted a zipped front pattern I would wear it more than if I had it pull over, and again, if I did a hood that fit me comfortably, that too might get it worn some, as would pockets. I have a man's pattern in 1 of Mom's books that would work for a base to start with. But I have other knitting that needs done first and is more important so it's on the 'later' list for now
Need to get myself fed soon, heard the front door so imagine Kid bugged Ben enough to get let out for a bathroom break. Kid is very good at getting Ben to give him bathroom breaks but not always as good about getting Ben to remember it's dog supper time.

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