My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Monday

And today, before work I will pull on my bib overalls and go do some clean up work in the garden and also pick a bag of chilies to take to work and leave for a woman I know on sanitation, I have her locker # so can hang the bag there if I don't see her. She knows I have it planned so will know who they are from and knowing her, if the bag is large, she will share with others.
Work is going ok, I do come home tired and hurting but that is to be expected. 8.5 months off work at my age does make it very hard to go back and my job is very physical and busy most of the time.
It's great to be back and now I am expected to make coffee if the pot is empty in the boiler room when I go down there to get a cup of coffee, to me, that's a step up in being a dues paying member of that coffee club. It's nice to have that 'back home, finally' feeling I have at work, on Sundays with our Sunday work and crew.
I miss going to church, the people there, but I am going to try and make Sunday night Bible study instead. It was hard to get up haul me to Rushville, foot, right hip really hurt but I am so glad I went.
The blue sweater is making slow progress, I decided it was going to be too snug around and ripped out the 6 inches I had done and started over with more stitches so now have the 3" of ribbing done and the first 'set' of the body pattern done, that makes about an inch of actual sweater body, it will be slow going.
Fall is really here and I need to start doing some outside work on the garden and such. I had hoped to move/divide my hosta plants this past spring and it was a job I couldn't do alone and didn't have help when it really needed done. But I can probably do some of that this fall and then they will have some time to start growing new roots and getting settled in and do better in the spring.
Julie will help me if we can manage a day off the same time and Ben will work with me, pal Darrell will NOT be helping me, he's scheduled for surgery for torn roter cuff in his left shoulder, work related and done on a Friday, right now it's looking like the first Friday in November.
Several years ago he and pal Nancy helped me move the brick mess, and then dig and divide the pampas grass, now he gets to come and enjoy the change that made and take some credit for the work/improvement. Nancy has pampas grass at her place that came from sections of my plants.
Kid is still growing and does in a rawhide chew bone in about an hour now. I will have to buy him really big ones if I want them to last.
And I am thinking electric fence and a collar will help that dog know where those property lines are and which side of them he belongs on. He needs to stay here, other than chasing cats out, he can chase them across the street, they will still come back but I will let him chase them that far.
Well, need to eat and get some outside work done before going to the paycheck job. That sounds so much like the 'normal Maggie' life I had before this accident..

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