My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Fun..or something like

I headed to work in a great mood yesterday, lunch out with D.H., picked up a new pair of jeans ON Sale, and so the day started well. T.T. had problems with the label printer so did not receive much new stock, it's really backed up. Allen. would hand write the labels when needed but guess it's not done that way not much stock to put away.
A.M. was back, after his 3 days 'sick' and 2 normal 'off' days and was in the office within minutes..I have no idea what went on or why, some gossip but not really my business. He was walked out, either suspended or terminated and no idea if he is gone for good or for just a day or 2... but I did enjoy the peaceful work shift.
I don't want a lot (or any) overtime right now, my body needs time to adjust and it's still healing from the accident. But it looks like I will be working a lot of overtime as we deal with manning problems in a department with few people and some who are not willing to help carry the load.
I will do what I can but I do know my limits and will not push them very far. The others can do their part, management can deal with it, I am human and much slower than I was before the accident and will not kill myself or do myself permanent damage.
And the order from Fort Western came today, 1 pair of jeans are back ordered but the other 2 are in the washer with what was left. I did most of the laundry yesterday.
Next will be to sort out the undies and toss some out and replace them when I can. It means a trip to Springfield and time at Victoria's Secret so that will all depend on the work load and how beat tired I am after work.
The truck is down at Bruce's for oil change and check the passenger front wheel area, there's grease all over the rim from center out so I am concerned about wheel bearings or something else. I don't think it's leaking brake fluid but Bruce can check it and fix it and I can pay the bill.
And payroll not only paid me the week of vacation I wanted to sell but also paid me the 2 days I had from last year coming so with the overtime and vacation pay I will be paying bills and have some breathing space. It does not go to medical bills this week but my credit and utility bills here.
Next week I might do medical bills again, and then the check after that will again be the house payment. I am starting to get some balance and pattern again as to who I am working for each week and who gets paid. It will take a while and I will be very glad when most of the medical bills are off my shoulders.
Well, the washer is done so need to toss that stuff into the dryer. And since my bed is buried under clean clothes I need to do something with them, get a shower, get down to the shop and check on my truck, get ready for work..same old thing..and probably a lot of stock to put away and possibly working alone again...makes for less work and far more peace. I can handle that for the most part...

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Chloe said...

We have a place called Fanny Wrappers that I like to go to when I am weeding out ratting underthings. I love their bags and how carefully they wrap up all your purchases. They have thongs that are NOT the dental floss kind and look nice, espcially when I'm wearing white slacks or a light colorel