My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Woo, day off work and I earned it.

Foot and body found it to be a long and hard work week, ya, after 8 months, 17 days off, 1 car accident, 1 bout of preforated appendix, 3 surgeries, it was a very long time off and a very out of shape body.
But it was good to be back in plant, working again, lots of changes in supply, some new faces, some new blue (supervisor) bump caps on familiar faces. Now to get my password at HRdirect fixed so I can bid on jobs, check my up-coming paychecks early, change my tax with holding, change what I have pulled for savings...another battle with phone and people who aren't here in the USA and who don't always understand my language, whose accent makes it hard to understand theirs..
But I will get some work done on the red Aran, do have yarn for 3 sweaters, 1 out of a book, complex but at least I don't design as I go. 1 I am designing as I go, part is on graph paper, part is in my head and needs worked out on paper and with calculator, part will get figured out once I see the waist 'skirt' or ribbing I plan to do and the bottom textured pattern I have graphed out.
Love ganseys and this 1 will my my own design and my future work sweater in a blue that reminds me of well broken in jeans.
And I have some white Aran type wool that I want a front zip, with pockets, and a hood Aran type sweater, in my size please. And once knit, I plan to give it a bath in some periwinkle blue dye I bought years back with that very idea in mind, I just did not know what I wanted for a sweater out of the gifted yarn.
Friend Darrell has said he would try and come today and we could walk the park trail with my wild dog, it would be nice to have a human companion on the walk for a change, and Kid loves to run and romp and chase leaves and smells on that walk.
I limp terribly now, it is very noticable and no, it won't ever go way, I won't get much better than I am now, but I can get a lot worse. No, I have not gotten rich but I have racked up close to $75,000 in medical bills and 3 surgeries in less than 9 months. Yes, I do hurt, always, and some times a lot, but I am walking and I am finally back to work.
Now to deal with all the paperwork, like the appeal on my health insurance denying the emergency room in Rushville--because they put 'appendicitis' on it, not accute, no comment about it needing immediate surgery they could not preform. The phone call was easy, it should be covered, fill out an appeal, we have all the supporting documentation, that should fix it. Great, but over 1 hour to get signed up at the on line site and get the form downloaded. Son Ben and Foxfire browser finally got the form I need. I will fill it out and get it in today's mail and make sure I make a copy first for my file...
Now back to working on the red Aran..want it done so I can play guilt free with my other yarns

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Cindy/KS said...

Good luck with being back on the job! I was told this week that due to lack of business, I am being terminated at the end of the month. So went & did my interview with the temp agency this morning again that placed me here 5+ years ago.

Don't feel alone on the denial on the insurance - I had a miscarriage once that was was listed as a spontaneous abortion, but because it had the word abortion - they tried to deny it. Wanted to know why I didn't get a 2nd opinion before having the d&c.

As for State Farm - glad they are treating you right for now, but don't let down your guard & sign anything that will let them even temporarily close your case! If you do, they will never pay again. We made that mistake for our daughter after a car accident - she hadn't needed to go to the chiropractor for a while & so they came out & told us they just wanted to temporarily close it so that it wasn't active on a day to day basis. But that any time we needed to or she needed to go back, it would be covered. It didn't happen!