My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, October 28, 2010

work schedules might get crazy

The current sign up sheet has a lot of empty spaces, Anthony's hours this week, Max's hours tomorrow day shift, Gwen's hours Sunday. I have signed to work today Anthony's hours, and Max's day shift, will do splits with Friday night and Saturday night if needed.
I do know suspension is either 3 days or indefinite, and terminated is just that. The union can help if the plant decision was unfair or against contract. So, with Anthony walked out Tuesday that would mean he would be back Friday IF it was a 3 day suspension.
Friday's 2nd shift hours are up on the board so that means he is not expected back Friday or Saturday.
My foot might not tolerate all the hours I might be asked to work but I already talked to my dept. management and told them I would do all I could to help out. I know everyone had to work more hours than they wanted to with my absence for 8.5 months with this auto accident.
I plan to bid Anthony's slot when it goes up on the board. He won a bid to the kill floor so if he gets back, he will probably be leaving the department. And in time Max's day slot will be on the board to bid and I will bid that but probably won't get it right away.
I already told Ben I will need a lot more help around here so I can survive the overtime, my foot and I will need a lot of down time when I am not at work.
The extra money will be nice but I can make it without it, I will increase what goes into savings and I will pay more on the credit debts and on any medical bills from the appendix project.
I have some outside clean up work I will get Ben's help with but it's getting to be a good time to hole up and be inside.
Before the accident I looked at overtime as 'play' money and did that with a lot of it. Now I see it as opportunity to lower my debt load and increase my savings. Going to play is a lot harder now, walking is more effort, drives to Springfield are longer and harder now.
It would be nice to start 2011 with my savings built back up, with my debt load lower than it was at the start of 2010 and with the settlement done or soon to be done and knowing I could get the old roof torn off this house and a new dry roof on.
I might buy some new undies and get rid of some of my very old ones, Victoria's Secret stuff lasts for years and years, the weight I gained gives me a good excuse to toss out some old scanties and get new. I would like a few nice button front type shirts and will shop on line for those but I have enough pants/jeans. I will replace my cargo pants with Carhart work jeans, as they wear out. But clothes wise, I am in good shape for now.
I might subscribe to Piecework magazine once again, but I doubt if I buy any e-readers, I can download e-books, many of them free into my laptop and my netbook so cannot see spending the money. I like the IPAD but it's very $$$ and not a 'toy' I need. Liking it is not enough reason to shell out huge $$$ when I have debts that need the money more.
If I manage well I can be free of most or all of my credit card debt in 2-3 years. And that would be a good place to be. The house would get more money for improvements and I could save more and worry less.
I will say that Anthony's being walked out Tuesday solved my social delema, Darrell wanted me to go to Springfield with him today, and I want my Thursdays to be home and down a lot, do stuff here. My foot likes life a lot better that way, I don't want a dating relationship with Darrell and he's on vacation and bored, his problem and not mine.
I like him as a friend but I enjoy running to Springfield with Ben more, and when it comes to going out to eat, a book or Ben are often higher on the list for company unless Kim or Julie are free.
We dated once, it did not work, I can like him as a friend and not want more involved. I just don't want or need a dating/romantic/intimate relationship at this time. My life is way too complicated, I don't have the time or energy or desire. I don't even dream of men in my life or bed and right now I really like it that way.
Ben didn't come home, he's still over with James and Luis working on their water line or played games and slept late, I want him to come home, packing my DVD of How to Train Your Dragon so I can watch it again...before I go to work today, again. I did that last Thursday, was called in and here I am, this time I won't be called in, I signed the work sheet, no sense in making it hard on management, it's not their fault. They need me to work and I will do what I can. They do treat me well and do value me.

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