My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fulmar is done, next sweater is started

And Kid is having problems adjusting to my going back to work, especially as Ben isn't here right now so Kid is outside on his run for about 9 hours.

He's a clinging vine once I am home from work and bugs me to get more attention. He doesn't like me sitting in the kitchen with the laptop or in the living room at the desk, he wants me on the futon so he can be almost on my lap.

But the red Fulmar is done, washed and dry and it's what I have worn to work the past 2 shifts, mornings are cool enough for the sweater, but we are expecting rains to come in this coming week so I might need something more waterproof for my next 3 shifts.

Yesterday I took a nap after work, tonight I hurt but am not as beat tired. I need to wash dishes and will probably do them this evening.

Friend Allen Tippy has been finally sent to the job bid he won before my accident so Tina T. will do the receiving for now. Allen has to qualify on that job before the receiving clerk job is put up for bid. I can't do it, physically I am just not up to the challenge right now and don't want the nit-picking from everyone that job seems to bring.

It's good to be back to working, know I am tired but hope that in a couple weeks I have less pain and less feeling beat tired. I know it will be after the end of the year before things can be settled with State Farm, I will make payments on medical bills and I will keep a tight budget here and get by. At least with working I now have a few $ going into payroll savings once again.

It's getting cloudy now and the trees are moving so we must be having some wind. I really need to do some shopping at Save a lot and Dollar, Kid needs chew toys and I need some canned things from Save a lot.

Kid can go with me and be truck dog, he's needs to learn to sit and wait in the truck for me, it's good training. And he's not going to be good about being tied out on his run, having to be there while I am at work is hard enough for him to adjust to, and yes, he is spoilt and I do know it.

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Chloe said...

That is one lovely sweater!
I took Tank to Doggy Boot Camp and then worked with him for about a year with border collies.

He (and all the other dogs, even my 2 pound Rocket) respond to hand signals. It is pretty funny to see him run full tilt and then skid to a stop when I signal him.

At least Kid has a run...I feel sorry for all of those dogs in San Francisco. Why do apartment dweller's feel the need to have great big dogs?