My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, October 02, 2010

And I am heading to bed...

The window got shut, the sweatshirt got zipped and I will deal with fixing it so it just zips part way down, I can live with that...and supper was eaten, house is quiet and I know I need to get to bed. I did take something for pain and hope to sleep better than I did last night.
I will say it really did feel good to be walking into the plant, to be heading into work once again, finally. I know the shifts are going to be long and hard and painful for me, maybe for the rest of my work life. But I hope the pain lessens and I get into better shape soon.
So many faces glad to see me back at work, it really does life my spirits. I've missed those faces, people I see at work, and people I enjoy seeing at work. I don't want everyone coming to visit, I don't need or want a very social life, I like the job for that. And then come home to Kid, Ben and the birds, and I don't mind if I come home to just Kid and the birds, know that day will come too.
I did get a few rows knit on the 2nd sweater sleeve but not much, it's going slower than the 1st sleeve, which still is not done and it seems to have not gained as much length for the same amount of yarn but that's probably just me. I do know I do have enough yarn to finish it.
I still need to get my yarn picked up in Jacksonville, it's in and I do have a start on designing the next gansey. The purple yarn I have will be ERISKAY or my tweaked version of Alice Starmore's Eriskay from her Fisherman's Sweaters book. It's a pattern I really like and that yarn will make a lovely lighter weight dressey sweater that I can enjoy wearing to places besides work.
I am determined to NOT dread going into fall and winter this year. I will pull the air conditioner from the kitchen window this year, I didn't even get it covered or insulated last year. And I am thinking about pulling the 1 out of my bedroom window also.
I will be selling back 1 week of my vacation time, with the year so far gone I don't have need of 2 weeks of vacation between now and March 30, 2011. And I am already thinking about income taxes and needing to increase my pay in for the state taxes so I don't have to pay in when I file.
I have a long way to go before my life even starts to feel like it's going back together but at least I feel that I am starting to find the pieces and that is an improvement.
Time to walk Kid and get to bed, know the alarm will have my up and running fast in the mornings, my work Sunday are always started at a run and no time. But it worked well for me before the accident and it will work for me again.

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