My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Finding my solid ground again...

I am now in Albuqueerque with Mike and his sister Nora, their mom and the kids, actually slept all night last night, first night I have slept more than 3 hours in a row since the accident. The cast is not comfortable but I only took tylonal 1 time yesterday!!
I still have to deal with the financial situation, hope that State Farm will pay the lost wages or part while I am off and I will talk to the union to make sure that I am not eligible for disability pay. All those years of paying union dues I hope the union is able to help with this situation and I am getting my emotional balance and my brain working very practical and logical, or as logical as I get.
Being here is good, I am eating better and my digestive system likes that, and seeing the mountains gives me a joy. I like this desert country, looks so like where I grew up but I know I thrive in my mid-west river town. I have put my roots down in that sand and am growing and love my life there so much.
I miss the plant, my job, the faces that are part of my normal work days, miss it so much it hurts at times but I will heal and I will be back to work, supply clerk, I might not walk as fast, move as easily but I will be back and rejoyce often to be there.
I still have no understanding why that man chose to try and pass other cars when it was obviously not a safe thing to do. He isn't paying, unless you call death paying. I don't know where his soul is, but I do belive in the afterlife he does have to be accountable for this accident, for what he has done emotionally to his family, and for what he has done to Tamera, Ben and myself. There is no price high enough for causing harm to someone else.
But I will deal with this, leave some things in the hands of God, put my strength in God and in those close to me. Being here with Mike and family is so emotionally good for me at this time, and being out of my bedroom and bed is also helping me get a better prespective and think clearer...need that to deal with all this stuff.


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Chloe said...

Have you thought about disability or ADA and food stamps? You are the person I'm paying my taxes for and I have no problem with you dipping into that fund at all.
Call the county and see what they can do for you. That's what all these programs are for.
((Stay strong))