My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, February 05, 2010

lost Wages

Well, now I have had 3 weeks of suffering from this acccident, 3 weeks of no wages earned and paid into my bank account so I can pay my bills and live my little life here. My call to State Farm about my lost wages got me many hours wait for a return call and then to be told they expected to pay me my lost wages with the final settlement once I was medically released.
This is NOT acceptable, my wages are earned weekly, paid into my checking acccount weekly and I keep my bills paid, put money into savings, pay my income taxes, budget my own my very single and independent life.
At this time I cannot even take care of my dog, or clean my house. I cannot function in my own home without help, I cannot drive or walk un-assisted or do any of the things that are part or were part of my normal life before this accident.
It is totally unacceptable for me to become impoverished or have any financial problems due to this accident and my not able to go to work on my normal work schedule.
I have been required to spend most of the past 3 weeks in bed, with my foot propped up, dealing with pain that, due to my allergies, I am seriously limited in choices for pain relief.
I now have had the first surgery and have at least 1 more to go through. I am facing weeks of not only unable to go to that job I do really love and miss, but not able to earn my living, not able to walk, to drive, to shop, to do my own cooking and cleaning.
I do rrealize it was not Mark Young's intention to mess up my life so badly, nor was it his intention to make me suffer so much or to financially impoverish me. But his decision to pull out into the west bound lane to pass the car ahead of him was the cause of this accident that he died in and that now has me trapped in a un-ending nightmare I cannot wake up from.
I hurt so bad, nothing will change that much except time. My whole life has become a mess that I don't know how to put back in order. There is in asking why this happened to me, it certainly was not my choice and it was not God's doing either.
A man going east made a poor choice, my truck, myself and my passeners happened to be heading west, the timing and place we all were in made me the other car in that accident.
Facts, hard and not changing by anything I can do, the accident happened, State Farm will need to pay my lost wages in a timely manor every week, including the 3 past weeks, it was their client driving that was at fault..laws and responsibility issues.
It does not matter that is suits State Farm to pay it all lump sum. I earn my own living and I get paid weekly and I then use this paycheck I earn to pay my bills and buy my groceries, put into savings or do whatever I choose to do with my earned wage.
I will get this matter dealt with today, hopefully, and talk with the doctor and then do what it takes to get through the next days ahead.
And I will keep working on getting through this accident and my injuries. I will not let it totally foul up my life, nor will it turn the plans Mike and I have for a future into a mess.
We have a right to our life and future together, we have a right to build that life together, and this accident will not foul that up, we will not let that happen.

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