My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, February 01, 2010

Paying bills, trying to get life back on track..

I don't know when I will see any disability income, the tax refund is almost spent and I still have a stack of bills needing paid..this not working stinks, this spending a lot on gas for rides to doctors and such does not help..
All the hard work I have put into keeping my finances balanced, trying to pay down debt, trying to save a bit now and then seems to have gone down the river with this accident. And the frosting on this cake is bill collectors for bills owed by the prior owners of this house.
Collectors are--against law, mind you, running this address through phone directorires and calling MY number to try and locate these people. The house was sold to me years ago, public records available, the phone # I have was mine more than a year before I bought this house, again, records the collectors have access to. I do know some of the regulations governing bill collectors and I am Not in a good mood about a lot of things--calling me over debts that are not mine, calling My phone # to try and locate someone I never knew, I bought a house, did not have to get to know the sellers...adds to my anger and stress.
Yes, it's Maggie on the war path and wanting someone to fight with, or just some answers and being sure I can keep my bills paid on time. It upsets me terribly to not have my bills paid, to not be putting a bit in savings every week. To be so unsure of what my future will be, when I will be walking again, when I will be back to work..I hate being so scared of so damn many small things...
I know I am doing what I can, I know I need to calm down and find some patience and faith. State Farm is being very responsible, and so is Met Life. I have my medical disability paperwork at the plant turned in, I have the paperwork for the bank here and will drop that off today on the way to the eye appointment.
I know I didn't foul up my life, I know I am not fouling up my finances and my long term future but at this very minute I feel like a huge failure..but yes, I do know I am not the fault and that things will work out..I just need to do what is my job, keep paperwork in order, keep the foot up, eat food good for me and Not let stuff get me a lot of small things are making huge waves in my small pond and I need to get a grip, it is MY pond, I can stop the waves..relax, and just do what needs done and not blow things out of scale...

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Chloe said...

Have some fun with those pesky bill collectors. Tell them you are sending a check right this second. Tell them Irena (or whoever it is they are looking for) got married and is living in a tent in Yemen.

I bought a house in LA about 30 years ago and got a new to me phone number. Irena had it before and she owed money all over town. They called all the time. Once, I called back to tell them that number no longer belonged to Irena. They told me I was going to have to wait for a service rep--duh, no. I was just calling to give them some info. Then they wanted to know where Irena WAS. I thought I would loose my mind until I just started jerking them around.
Once I stopped being so serious about it, it was kind of fun, in a Wicked Witch sort of way.