My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

First Surgery done..

And I do like Memorial--but the woman assigned to take me from prep room down to surgery floor was not polite, nice or at all people friendly..Ben was good, made calls to Mike for me, did update post at Facepage for friends, made sure when I came out they had my bear and knitting to hand to me--they were NOT sure about those needles..but the bear goes under my right knee to give a bit of lift and support, makes foot more comfortable, offered pillow or rolled blanket, no Bearsie fits just right and he comforts me..silly thing but works. The knitting helps me cope with pain..even if it's 1 very slow stitch at a time and as I cannot have much for pain due to allergy issues--Yes, I Need that knitting in, they learned something about pain control with limited drugs.
1 bone repaired, 1 is healing correct and the heel bone could not be worked on due to open abrasions on skin in that area that still must heal before surgery. I did not talk to DR. and Ben thought he would talk to me also so didn't pay as much attention as he should have. But Dr. feels postponing surgery is actually better for heel bone as it will have more growth, bigger pieces and better chance to do more/correct more.
He did not like having to put me through another surgery but with open wound in that area, no other choice.
Ben is already asleep, early, not yet 9. Facepage is having 'issues' so I can't update there or post on friends 'walls' to let them know I am ok.
I am having pain and counting hours until I can again take something..know that should be short term.
I will have to make calls tomorrow to the city about not being able to pay my water bill at this time and to the insurance companies about some disability pay. This is clearly Not my fault that I am not working but in the meantime, tonight makes 240 hours of missed pay and I have no other income, no one else here working to pay the bills..and the stress is upsetting me terribly. So, I will start with phone calls and see what can be done about getting insurance companies moving on that disability pay I am entitled to..and as soon as possible and direct deposit IF possible...
I have also dropped between 7-10 pounds in the last couple weeks..and at my height of almost 5'6" and 124 pounds to start with--no, I do not have weight to loose, not eating well and stress, it sure can't be all the exercize I am gettiing, napping knitting and keyboarding does not burn many calories....

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