My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bernadette's Closet is Open

I finally got some doll outfits done, the photo shoot done and edited and an 'for Sale' album up at Kish Chrysalis group on far no sales but some interest. So, this is a start, later than I had planned last fall or the first of the year, but I am making progress.
And Ben is helping me with the weeding in the garden so that is going faster, my foot is letting me do more shoe wearing so that is helping and it is also letting me sleep a bit more.
And I have been looking at companies that make geo-dome homes/kits for home ideas for that land I looked at. I know I am a long way from settlement for this accident but I am making some plans and decisions about what I need to do with the settlement. At least 2/3 of it will go into investments that will help make me an income.
I hope to go back to work and be self supporting once again but know I have to plan for the years ahead. So, investments that make and re-make income do really matter. And setting them up so they stay working for me matters too.
I hope to have enough settlement to take 1/3 and pay off all my debts, buy the out of town place of my choice and do the work needed there to have what I want for a home and green house, water system, machine shop building. And I have a max amount I will spend so if the settlement is at or over 1 mil, the $ figured for home site does not get to increase too.
Mike thinks he will be able to haul a load to Peoria area by sometime next week, I will be gone Wed. night and Thursday, and plan to talk to Jason at State Farm early next week and see if I can pick up my lost wage check Wed. while I am in town and not need to come back for it Friday.
I know I will have a long and fun and busy day Thursday with the group from my doll club going by train to Chicago for Public Day at the UFDC Convention.
And it's great that I and possibly another of our group will be doing a 'sleep-over' with Cindy so we don't have a long drive before we get on that train around 6 am. Another fun thing for me and I will be taking Cindy some outfits from Bernadette's Closet for her dolls as a hostess gift.
Our temps have some down some but not a lot and it's very humid out, even this early in the day, but I am enjoying summer, even if I cannot do all the things I had hoped to be doing.
It is now just past 6 months since the car accident, my foot is still healing from the surgery done on June 21, but it is making good progress and I really do think I have a better chance of being able to go back to Cargill and my job there in supply.
Mike has a long way to go with getting his trucking business on solid ground, financially and he will have to do it on his own, I cannot help him at this time and when I have the settlement, I will not put money into something that is not a solid investment and with good books I can look at and know what I am investing in.
I do think in time Mike can turn his trucking into a profitable business but he will have to do it on his own.
And I will not be getting married now either, just too many financial issues lurking to attach to my income/property/settlement from his IRS obligations, and his past marriage. I have plenty of my own problems to deal with, my own financial issues to take care of and I am not at all willing to share out this insurance settlement to pay off some one else's debts.
But I do a lot of thinking and day-dreaming about what I would do with that 20 acres I looked at, and have a 'game-plan' for the house on 4.6 acres I looked at. It's currently a short property list for buying and either or both might be sold before I have my settlement but at least the realtor and I know we can work together to find what I want. She has enough info from me now and has met me so won't be wasting her time or mine showing me things that are not workable for my needs and wants.
Now it's time to get this posted and get bibs on and go work out in my garden for a while, before it gets hot.

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