My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, July 05, 2010

Foot hates Staples

The foot is miserable, the staples come out tomorrow..the foot is recovering from the surgery, no new problems, it is just staples and the surgery ouches..
The plums are getting picked, as I can find people to come pick them and take them away. I am working on some knitting projects and on some doll clothes projects. Ben is up in Rushville and I really like having my place to myself, just wish his stuff was elsewhere, and stored under the house in the utility area Does count as 'elsewhere'.
The kid north, Nick, had his vehicle side-swiped last last night, the kid that did it was parked a couple blocks up the street at his mother's place. Crime quickly solved by Beardstown police..I really do have good neighbors whose house was broken into and robbed while they were out of town on vacation, thieves were rapidly caught, most of the goods were returned..
Heat index is high today and the garden is turning into a weedpatch once again. I need to be battling that and will as foot allows--which is not nearly enough right now to keep up with the growth...
Budget is going to be snug for a while but have property taxes and house insurance to make and know I will rest better once both are paid. I will keep battling Standard Insurance for the rest of my disability pay, and I will call American Family about the supplimental income and see if they have all the paperwork they need to get that claim started and the first check to me..
It's going to be ok, I will make life work for me..but the reality is that I will be making it work for me and there is no one for me to fall back on. I have great friends, my sons are not bad guys but they have lives of their own to work on.
So, I am ok with the independent and on my own stuff. Had a lot of practice and have learned the hard way to not count on, not depend on and not put much trust in any man to be there. Not saying men are bad, just that my life works far better with far less problems IF I do not depend on a man to 'come through'. Words are great, but are meaningless without the actions that back up those words..and once said, yes, I do watch and see if the actions are there to accomplish what was said.
I know I have personal issues of my own, and financial issues that also are my own making and my own responsibility. But I have for years been taking care of that and will continue to do so. It will take me some time to get the balance back after this accident and the financial damage it has done to me, but it will happen and I will get out of the red and in the meantime, I rarely am getting deeper in the red and each month actually climb some out, not much but any step ahead is better than a step behind, even staying in the same place is better than sliding back a bit.
So, do what I need to do here, have laundry basket with clean things that need put away, have plenty of dirty stuff to wash, have letters to write, a package to send off to Jake, doll tops to create...and most of the time I really like the life I have. Not the accident, but I am dealing with that, and will continue to deal with that.

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