My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July's almost gone

And I still have a lot of grass and weeds in the garden to clean out, the plum trees need me to clean up under them, the flower beds need cleaned out..the list is long.
But I am wearing steel toed work boots every day and working in them here at home, I have 2 pair to get broken in, 1 pair is wider and higher topped and those are the pair State Farm will be re-imbursing me for. That is going ok, I think the back of the left heel is having more problems with the damaged boots than the right mangled foot is.
Mike is here, hauled cars into IL late last week and now is waiting on checks to get into his bank so he has fuel $$ and can then book cars needing moved and be working again. I didn't expect him to come and then end up waiting on funds to be back on the road. But it is his business and his job, not mine.
I did finally get my disability pay problems resolved and should see that deposited in my checking account either this Friday or next. I only get 18 weeks total and it's now almost 28 weeks from when I had my accident so it's taken almost 4 months to get this paperwork problem resolved. It seems that it's been faxed and faxed and not scanned and keyed into the correct file--and NO one working there could find it or get that corrected???
Mike and I did go look at the land I am interested in, and do drive bys with the 2 places with homes on them that are on my 'wish list' and we also went and looked at modulars and found a floor plan that was very workable.
The settlement will be tied up as fast as I can get that done once this is settled, I have several places/people who will help me with investments and I have a list for that move out of town dream. And know which new vehicle and even which salesman I will be going to.
I still might be getting a lawyer before it's all done, and did discuss with Mike why his insurance agent and the lawyers she knows and trusts are NOT who I will be dealing with. They are in Utah, I am in IL and I will have a lawyer here whose office I can walk into and meet with in person. Everything will end up in some sort of trust that will secure it for my blood heirs, and for my use.
I have confidence in him being able to support himself and to also buy things he wants or needs or feels are important. I did not explain that includes a sofa or couch for my next home. That is and will continue to be a very low priority item for me...I have never been a person for laying around on the couch and so it's not important.
My foot has made good progress but there is no way to know if I can work long term at Cargill until I am trying to do that job. I sure hope to be back there before the end of Aug. and to be able to stay long term.
Our doll club went by train to Chicago to public day with the UFDC convention, or at least some of us were able to go and had a great time. I was suprised at how well my foot tolerated the trip and all the walking and standing around I did. And I had great fun.
I am not happy about the situation with Mike's financial bind but as I have already invested $$ into his business when I was out with him in March, and I have far too many responsibilities of my own, I will not scramble my budget and finances to help him out. He might eventually re-imburse me what I have already paid into fuel and meals and the new ramps, but I am not concerned about that money. I am just not going to put any more into his business other than pay some on the cell bill with Verizon, my phone adds $10/month to that bill and I have no problems paying on it and paying more than my cell services costs. But I am not going to be playing tourist now, or doing any other helping him out, and I am not doing a lot to entertain him.
It's not a vacation that he is on, it's supposed to be working and expanding his area of car hauling so he can work on building this relationship he wants with me. I have no problems doing my share of work but from the very beginning, before this accident, I was very clear about my life being here. I will not relocate from this area, the accident will not be changing that.


Knitman said...

It really seems as though everything is going to be sorted out for you financially. That must be a huge relief.I have only ever had one minor road accident I crashed into the side of a police car.That was 25 years ago.

文王廷 said...

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黃沈貞儀吉軍 said...

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