My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

No Staples!!!!

The staples came out, and that was ouch and more ouch, think 1 out of 10 didn't hurt when removed. The new x-rays look good, Dr. Mulshine was able to remove ove 1/2 inch of bone edge and smooth it, this should help the tendon in that area and the nerves which apparently were running across that broken edge of bone.
There is a lot of swelling that will slowly go down, I am not back into shoes yet but once I am I can start back to walking at the gym at local Y and also stationary bike when I feel ready. I think this, once I am healed up, will increase my odds of returning to my job at Cargill. And I am all for doing that.
The foot will always be deformed some, but I think it will be more tolerant to being used as a foot, I know I have a ways to go yet but at least I am making some progress once again.
And we got rain again, and the roof leaked, both in the night and then in the rain that started before Julie and I got back to Beardstown.
So, this ended up being a very great birthday...and Ben and Tamara took me out to pizza then we girls gave in and watched Zombieland or some such thing with the movie can be returned to Kim.
And I am thinking a geo-dome would be the great house to live in on that land I don't own but hope to some day..few acres and a little market garden, a job I love, a home in the country I love, place for my sewing and books and dolls...ya, I could really think my life was going well again...
Foot hurts right now but I am winding down and will soon be tucked in and sleeping. Had a long and busy day but it was a really good day.
Tomorrow I need to call American Family on my supplimental income insurance claim and see where the paperwork on that it down...
Got the 'have to pay' bills written down for Friday so will have that organized and should be up to driving myself, oh, that sounds great!!!
Maybe the weeds and grass in the garden will get worked on again, that sounds good, along with getting plums picked and I can mow my own lawn again.
Have patterns and fabrics for doll shirts/tops and the blue thread I needed to sew some of the stuff I have cut out...progress, progress...
Back to the doctor 8/5 and hopefully by then I should have most of the insurance battles and bugs worked out for a while...

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Knitman said...

thank you for your kind message on my blog. Am I right in thinking that you were in that red car that is all bashed up? all did something else happened to your foot. It sounds pretty painful.