My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Changing those house plans again..

I drug Julie looking at modulars today and to the yarn shop in J-ville, the modular trip was to look at kitchen lay outs, bathrooms and talk handicapped issues, both of us have been very handicapped due to accidents and talk about sleeping space for a guest..that would not be in the studio or I will be playing with my house plans again. Ben suggests a den/library with built ins for display of some of my dolls along with book shelves. And something that would easily become that guest bed when needed. Julie and I both agreed that the commode in a seperate room or space with a door makes it challenging when you are on crutches or a walker or wheel chair.
But we girls had a great day and I did look at yarns, talk sweater/gansey yarns and got yarn ordered for my next gansey, blue again but not the royal I had cut off me. I will be working on deciding what graphs to use and working up a rough pattern on the next week or so. In the meantime I am making great progress on the striped sweater, the shoulders are joined and I am doing the neck ribbing and hope to be picking up the sleeves and knitting them down in the next couple days.
I will have to get my red Aran out and work on it, know I can sure use it this winter but it won't make a work sweater. But I want it done and to be wearing it. Jake has socks going and I need to get out the pattern for the helmet liner and get started as have yarn for 4 of those to knit for Jake and pals. I will buy more yarn and knit more later. I did get the yarn ready for Julie's socks, she saw the yarn and loves it, so those will be cast on before long too and the yarn from Elann will be here tomorrow, it's just the yarn to re-inforce the heels and toes on Jake's socks but I will need it to do the heels on the socks I have going for Jake now.
Nights are really staring to cool off now, it's getting to be fall and I am so not ready for fall. I feel like I have lost or misplaced so much of my life these past months, know I will never get it back, the accident took that time and more. But I will get my life back together, my finances back to something I am comfortable with, and will either be doing the renovations here or having something out of town to work on, garden, landscape, watch my plants grow.
The dream house is still monolithic but looking at modulars with different people helps me get better plans for that dream home, everyone sees each place different and points out what they see as positives and negatives. Then I can draw up a new floor plan and write notes and go from there. I really like having a pantry, want a small upright freezer but it can be in the utility area. I do want both shower and tub, know there will be times I cannot easily get into that tub so a tub with shower might become hard or impossible for me to use. And a shower large enough for a seat or with a built in one will also be on that list, toilet accessable and where I can put a rail or assist bar.
And after thinking it over, I do not want a 2nd bedroom but do want something more private than the livingroom/great room for guest to sleep in and don't want them in my studio. So, figuring in a library that's not big but would allow a small hide a bed or futon would work nicely. A retreat area I would use and a guest place that would allow Jake or someone else some privacy but not be a space that collected junk or was un-used unless I had a guest.
I absolutely want a coat closet handy to the main door, and if I can have it handy to my kitchen door, that is great too. I like the idea of a utility space with utility sink, want on demand hot water and might do 2 tanks so there is quick hot water in my bath.
Well, it's late for me so I will get Kid walked and head to bed. The knitting will wait for tomorrow.

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Cindy/KS said...

A Murphy bed in that den type area might be what you would like. When not in use, it folds up into or against the wall.ame