My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, September 10, 2010

Voices in the early morning hours

It's a voice that has, over the years, often woke me up, sad, happy, just wanting to gab with Mom, and again today, around 4 am my time, that voice on the phone, not long to talk, a long line behind him waiting to call home also. Loves me, glad to know a box with gun cleaning supplies and baby wipes is on the way. No power cord to his laptop that did arrive here, it had been stolen before laptop was shipped to mom, I can replace but didn't want to until I was sure that missing cord was not in another box and coming home.
Mom, Marines take care of their guns, not paperwork, oh, that explains the condition of the letter I got and the FOID APP he also mailed back to mom Instead of putting in the envelope it was mailed to him with...the correctly addressed and stamped enveloped..only needed his signature...
So much I wanted to say, so much to talk with him about and no time, but he's ok, he sounded good. He didn't say where he was but we know he's in the middle east and was in Kuwait the last time he told me where he was. I know it takes 8 days for something he ships to get here to my house and 4-5 weeks for him to get anything I send to him.
I have not told him about the appendix emergency but it's in the letter that went out a couple weeks ago, and my healing progress was in the letter that went in the box this week.
Now it's a gray and wet day, but not pouring rain so that is a blessing with this old and leaking roof. And I won't always live under a leaking roof, and I do have a home and a life I really like.
A friend and I might do something Sunday after I get back from church, he's talking lunch out and go play tourist, he'd like to make time to see that sand patch I want to buy, he's investing in a used trailer in Springfield in same place 1 of his sisters lives and would like me to see it, it needs some work and wants my input..
I asked Ben to help me with a spreadsheet, I need to be able to turn in the hours/days he's been tied up taking care of me as State Farm will pay him for that and at the current min. wage per hour. It's what the state pays for non-medical home health care people that come in to assist. I will have to drag down the calendar and figure it for each day because there were days Nancy took me to dr. appontments, and the long, long days that were my first surgery and the days after that, the 2nd surgery and the day or 2 after that..but I am glad I can or he can turn in paperwork for that and he be compensated for caring for him and for all the house work he did here when I could not. And the mowing he has done when I could not mow.
Now I need to get that sweater back out and finish the neck ribbing and try it on, then I can start picking up the stitches for those sleeves. And I need to clear the table enough to start playing with house plans again for that library I want to add to my 'needs' list. Jake won't mind 'bunking' with Mom's doll collection as long as a lot of the books are there too, we read the same books often, he's become a fan of Clive Cussler and David Weber and a few others from his Mom's reading.
Well, ya, Jake called, man, I miss long, wandering phone conversations, long drives and talks with that youngest son of mine.


Chloe said...

I have a library in my new house. It's an old hotel, built in 1890. The library is 20 x 36, has floor to ceiling bookcases and TWO rolling ladders. I don;t have all the books moved out of this house yet; tomorrow I'm going over to put books away. I've wanted a library my entire life!
Hope you are feeling better and your foot continues to improve. I know how hard it is when you have to leave a job you love. It's not just the money, it's the doing and completing all of the tasks. I really miss the people I worked with---even the really psyco ones! They made for good stories!

Maggie said...

I identify myself with my job, LOL, maybe part of that is bieng single, part is I do like working, it makes me feel good about me, I work hard to be a good employee and I do like the job I do and most of the people there.
If I hated my job then this accident would not have emotionally made such a mess of my head--or so I tell Me.
Marking the days off with red pen, know the odds are not 100% my foot will tolerate the job but they are probably better than 50% now..that gives me hope...