My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, September 03, 2010

Middle of the night conversations

Kid and Ben woke my about 3 am, somehow paws on my bed, on me wake me up fast. Ended up getting up to talk with Ben. About what he plans to do with his life, about my foot and what that can do to my life, my fears about not being able to work very long.
And the conversation wandered into income taxes, capital gain taxes, all the paperwork now into the 'system' that makes it's way to IRS in time. Living 'below the radar' and working for cash only, and then needing SSI and discovering if you had not paid in, you had no benefits to draw.
The way it is now, you can't dodge the IRS long, and they can take everything on a tax debt, they can set the amount you owe them and you have to prove different. We're in agreement, we want to stay on the good side of the IRS and avoid complications in our lives. It's gotten to where there's not much way to hide any amount of earned income from those tax guys. Easier to keep that paid up, the paperwork filed and have them leave you alone.
The word 'delusional' came up in conversation, as in Ben thinks anyone would be delusional to think I would not bounce numbers around in my head and expect them to add up, that anyone who does't keep his taxes squared away was delusional to think that would not catch up with them. I'm glad my son thinks his mom has some brains when it comes to finances and money issues. He does agree that she is too willing to trust people to be honest with her but smart enough to catch on real quick when what they say won't add up right.
He's going to work on getting a job, and on saving so he can chase that schooling dream, too late this fall to enrole, hopes for in the spring and knows only he can make that happen. I'm going to get toe clips on the yellow bike and see if I can safely ride that some, be good for me if I can gain that back.
And I am going to work on finishing a few things here that need done, get that chair caned, get back to work on knitting those 2 sweaters I have well started. Get a quilt top quilted so it's a usable quilt and all the parts are out of my way. Small things while I work on the foot healing and the appendix surgery healing, getting stuff done here so I can look at going back to my Cargill job.
I'm going to get Ben's help in clearing out the weeds and grass in the garden again, and on some stuff like that I want done, he's going to work on some things he needs and wants done. Maybe by the end of this month we will both feel our lives are moving in a positive direction.
And I am going to work on forgiving, on letting go, and on helping Otto with some of the 'moving on' stuff he's needing to get done, cleaning out Barb's clothes, getting the non-working tv's out and gone, that sort of stuff he needs to do, not always easy to do it alone.
And I am debating on marking off days, until the 30th and the next doctor appointment. Going back to work is so important to me, being able to at least feel I am starting to put my life back together, it's been a long haul with this accident and I'm not to the top of that hill yet. But at least, right now, I think I am heading up, instead of just sitting on the roadside looking.

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