My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired today

I'm tired today, it's almost 9:30 and I haven't gotten anything done except wash the new sweater and lay it out to dry. I did order a wooly board, which is an adjustable sweater drying frame, and it will help me dry my hand knit sweaters faster and have them looking nicer but it will take a week or more to get here.
I didn't get any chilies sold so they are again drying, might donate them to food basket here, at least they will keep longer and maybe I can gift them somewhere.
Julie was coming over but didn't so I expect she had migrane headache, she worked until midnight so getting up so early to take Artie to work is hard on her and she is prone to migranes when she is stressed and tired.
I will drag the chair out and work on it again today, might even get it done, will take Kid for a walk too, that is good for both of us. The dishes need done so that's on my list and the new Aran Knitting book should be here today in the mail.
I need to get out my helmet liner pattern and get busy with helmet liners and have some knit so I can ship them to Jake soon, they will be needing them sooner than I can knit and ship them.
The days drag right now, I do have things I need to be getting done but time drags. I know once I am back at work I will really fall behind and will come home beat tired for at least the first 2 weeks and probably with a lot of pain too.
But getting back to work puts me back on track with my life and getting this accident settled and moving on with my life. Knowing if the foot will tolerate the work load or not is part of getting ready for that settlement. I need to know also and I need to get back to living, not sitting around with my life on hold while I heal up from this accident.
Dolls and knitting and reading seems to have taken up a lot of the hours since that accident, and chasing an old dream.
I own't be doing any more chasing any old dreams, not going to regret that I did it, or the time and money spent, no sense in beating myself up over what I can't change. Wiser and more careful about men, spent a few $ and run that public records search will be the way of the future. I am done with trust and accept someone to be honest, and if they are honest, they should have no problems with my making sure the public records pulls up nothing serious.
Maybe I will take that dog for a walk first, then work on the chair while it's shady on the front porch, I want to look at my house plans again, maybe get Ben to help me with some square foot figures, I absolutely do not want to go over 2000 square foot but I am not sure that is including the sunroom or not, LOL, I sure want that sunspace if I can build new, but I also do not want a huge house to maintain and clean.
There are 2 modulars that give me really good ideas, not sure how to blend the 2 of them and then turn that into a monolithic home but that is my current top of the list dream. And I know that Monolithic will help me turn my needs and wants and dreams into a working home, but I have to figure out what I really want and need first. Then I have to see if I can financially afford to buy that land and build that dream home.
So, get things done here that I can do, get back to work and see what foot and ankle socket will tolerate, get things settled with State Farm, lock up as much of the settlement as I can and still have house construction funds and most of my bills paid off or all of them IF I cannot continue working.
And now, it's get dressed in something besides jamies and take Kid for that needed walk before he romps the house, the birds, me, Ben.

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