My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pat me on the Head!!

My amethist and charcoal striped sweater is done!! And fits nicely, and looks good!!! Finished it up this evening and wore it to Pizza Hut!! I still have the red Aran to finish and helmet liners to knit for my Marine and his pals, a pair of socks for him started, yarn to knit Julie socks, yarn ordered for another Gansey sweater to replace the 1 cut off me after the accident on 1/14.
This one is from some yarn I got on clearance at Sticks and Stones in Jacksonville, not enough of the amethist to make a sweater but they had the charcoal too and there was more of some thinking and planning made a really nice sweater. It will be hand wash and lay flat to dry until I break down and order a sweater board.
Last night I went to a concert with a friend, good music and I avoided eating foods there that would have made me miserable. My system will not tolerate much grease in I did the kettle corn and shared that. T.G. Shepard was the concert, older stuff but good and the evening was cool but not bad and the misquetos stayed away. Saw and talked with a couple people from Cargill I have not seen since before my accident.
Church was good, Ben slept most of the day, he's having sinus headaches, I'm taking allergy stuff as it's ragweed season and that stuff really makes me miserable and then sick if I don't deal with it early on.
Lots of chilies and I need to sell or give them away, we have a lot dried already and I am out of storage space.
Need to work on my house plans again and tweak them for a library area and might do that tomorrow if I find time. It's not high on the list of important at this time, getting other things done that need done before I am back at work is top of the list.
It's really coming into fall here and I am not looking forward to fall and winter, don't enjoy the cold and expect that right foot to have issues with the cold, especially that metal plate and 5 screws. I will be able to wear my insulated hiking boots thought but not at work.
I worry about work too, about my foot tolerating the job load and about the personality conflict issues that seem to run rampant through supply department. I will do a lot of praying and trust in God to help me stay calm, balanced and to shield me from any anger or jealousy or other things. It's sad that we cannot find a way to work together as a team but Allen and I cannot force the others to have better attitudes or want to work together and get along. He's a very good man but that is not catching, too bad being nice and considerate was not as easy to share as bad attitudes seem to be.
I need to work on that rocker too and get the caning done so it's usable and not in the way in my bedroom. If I give Julie the futon I will have room for the rocker and maybe room to bring Jake's rocker out of the attic.
Some day I will have a real living room and no radial arm saws or table saws or tools in the living room but I know that is probably 1-2 years away or longer. I can manage here but will plan and work for that cleaner, dryer and nicer home. It will happen, and faster than I expected this time last year.
The accident settlement will change some things for the better for me, but the accident has not changed my life for the better. I will find ways to make my life work well for me, God has given me the tools and the ability and the determination to rebuild my life and to like what I build it into. It won't always be easy, the past almost 8 months has not been easy either but I have gotten through them, and I will continue to get through the rough days, and the painful nights and the really painful work shifts I have coming up.
And I can come home to a dog that adores me, needs me, loves me unconditionally, to a house I have put a lot of work, money, sweat and dreams into, the dolls and books and knitting and fabrics that I enjoy. The loud and silly parrots that have been part of my 'kids' for almost 10 years now, over 10 for Blue now I think.
God has blessed me abundently, has protected and sheltered me, has guided and guarded me. And will continue to do so as I work my way through the coming days and weeks and months ahead.

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