My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday and toxic dogs

Kid had me up early so he could go out, and I had hoped after out for call of nature and his breakfast I could get some more sleep. Not on the dog's list of things Mom should do. But we had a good walk, and he's napping under my feet and passing terribly toxic gas. Ben is in the other room and even complained about it getting in there. Maybe a change of dog food might help. Poor Kid, toxic gas and offensive oders, good thing I love him and am tolerant, it's not deliberate, it's a natural process thing....gasp, gag, gasp.
I need to finish off Jake's red socks and write a letter so they can ship, he did send me a list of things he would like in care packages so I will have to go on a Marine shopping trip again.
The new jeans I bought fit ok, am glad I was able to afford them and know I will be wearing them a lot, my cargo pants are getting worn out and I don't want to patch and re-patch very much.
The caning is here so I need to start the work on that chair and get it done and usable. And I need to work on the weeds in the garden again. I get so discouraged with that, I don't seem to ever get the whole garden cleaned up this year. But the chilies are doing well.
Might go join the knitting group that meets at Sticks and Stones in J-ville this afternoon, be a good outting for me and I could take 1 of my sweater projects and work on that, would make some progress that way. I have set them aside for far too long, will be sweater time soon and I won't have either of them ready to wear.

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