My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rains and old houses

I knew when I bought this old house I could not afford anything else, and that with time and lots of work and money, I would eventually have a great home. So, the plumbing is all done, most of the windows are replaced, the furnace was moved to the utility area the new foundation work created. I am making progress and keeping costs to where I am not buried in debt.
But the roof leaks, and it leaks more every time it rains hard. Today it woke me at 4 am, move the bed and go back to sleep, not much more I can do for now. I know it won't always be this way. I know I am making good progress with the house and again making progress with debt load.
But there is a house just south of me getting a new roof, stripped down the the original decking and rafters and going up new, and I have envy when I see it, and maybe even real jealousy when it's raining and I'm being dripped on, or hearing it come dripping in, after moving my bed and wanting to be back asleep.
Someday I will live in a home where the roof doesn't leak, it might be this house, or another place here in town, or that dream home I want to build out of town. Someday I will live in a home where the roof doesn't leak.
The accident and the settlement is more likely to speed that up than delay it, the settlement money will enable me to change a lot in my life faster than I can/could do with my paychecks.
But it doesn't change me, or how I look at life, what principals are most important to me.
The leaking roof is a small reason to be released and back to work, being screaming bored is another one, and being just fed up and tired of hurting has a lot to do with that. I don't know what the foot will tolerate until I try.
For now, the belly is feeling better, the digestative system is getting closer to normal, the house is reasonably clean for this old house, the finances are stable, the dog is happy, the birds are content and the concrete guys that did my foundation are working here in town on a basement entry way for friends of mine, so it will be easy to go catch them and have a chat about future work I have planned and want them to be a part of.
The caning for that rocker is in shipping and today I will cut out/remove the old seat so it can go in tomorrow's trash, and Otto and I plan a run to Good Will in Jacksonville with some donataions, and maybe I will pick me up some easy and healthy quick meals to use when I don't feel like cooking a real meal.
I did get the new net-10 prepaid phone # registered with No Call, and re-did my home phone number too, I will have to have this cell phone for years before all the 'not for me' calls end but I don't turn it on often, it's my 'emergency' phone away from home. I had that with the Tracfone for years, and now that the phones are small enough to live in pants pocket, I will not have a cell phone left in a vehicle when I am hauled off by ambulance again. Or so the thought goes.
I'm still feeling like my life is stuck in a bowl of jello, soft and bouncy and a bit sticky but impossible to make any progress to the other side of the bowl and climb out. I know that will continue until I am released and going back to work. And that will be several weeks away. Dr. Mulshine has felt I was pushing my foot too hard, too fast so I doubt if he will be bothered by this appendix problem, and the appendix is healing well, so I should be a total of 4 weeks, plus or minus a few days. from the date of that surgery to a medical release there.
And I will deal with the rain problems, in time I will have that dry roof, in time I will have that 'normal' life feeling, in time the insurance settlement will be done and I will be taking care of that, plans for investments are already laid out somewhat.
And I looked at some more land that's up for sale in this area, and went through the on line listings and looked at everything Buffy has on her books, great way to do some down time. About every house would need work before I could move in, remove carpet and lino, do hard surface floors, many were 2 story and I would rather be 1 level now, many were not enough square feet, too many square feet, too many out buildings, not enough land/lot size. But it made for entertainment while I rested.
It's going to be a good day, I will make it a good day and I will not abuse the foot or the tender belly. Nor will I abuse the dog, he worships me, he's good for me.

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