My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's update

Julie was here today and I was already out of the shower. She's studying some food safety stuff for up-coming test, she is working her way up the McDonalds ladder and I am so proud of all she has done with her life. She's not letting her alcholic husband drag her down, she's got her place paid for now, a job that has a future and she is doing the work to make it a better one. Go, girl, Go.
Today part of Don's oxygen equipment was picked up, Tuesday at 9 the other company is to be at the house to take care of their part. We got all the meds bagged and off to the local pharmacy for disposal, to see about terminating the Don's cell service.
And we started looking at cleaning and inventory and what needs gotten rid of. It will be months of slow work, we are not getting in a rush but a bit at a time. I will post all the non-working tv's on freecycle and see if we can get someone to come for all of them, 4+ that don't work or have problems.
Don and Barb's clothes and the 'depends' and such will be donated where they will do someone else some good. Otto does not need them and does need room to live. We will have stuff to go to auction that can go, stuff for the metal recyclers here to collect and so forth. But little by little I will see that Otto has a home to live in he can afford and keep cleaner and that is safer and more comfortable for him to live in.
It will take time for him to adjust to being there alone. He will never stop missing Don and Barb but we know they want him to live and go on with his life and to enjoy it. Some is easy, but there will be hard and rough days for both of us, easier for me, I wasn't their care giver, they weren't the center of my life. And I am younger and looking at going back to a job 1 of these days.
The foot worked hard the past few days, is glad to be in a shoe with support today, the belly is not yelling ouch as loud but is still bloated and that will take time to leave.
I see my foot dr. early in the morning and then later the same morning I see my belly dr. LOL, now I have 2 doctors to get approvals from before I can be released back to work.
Mike Ferrin called yesterday, sympathy about Don's passing, concern about my appendix and hospital stay and not a word about his deception/lies about his and Annette's mortgage. And not a word of 'sorry' about his lies or so forth. He can't 'fix' the problem with Facepage to put me back on his friends list and wants me to take care of that. It won't happen, I deliberately shut every cyber door I could for him to peak into my life via Facebook and I want it that way.
I don't know what tomorrow's plans are, I am bugging Ben about the mowing and I will pitch a fit if he does not get it done for me.
I asked Otto if he would like to go to church with me this Sunday, he thinks he will and that it would be good for him, I agree, he needs to get out some and he needs to NOT be the free driver/help for all the mouches that have been waiting for Don to pass to use Otto. Don and Barb will be disappointed in me if I let everyone or anyone walk on Otto. He is a kind and gentle older man who does not need people taking advantage of his lonely hours now while he adjusts to being alone over at that house that just days ago had 2. Don and Otto never adjusted to Barb's passing so now Otto has a huge adjustment and will be very easily hurt or used. He's not stupid but he has little experience with many things, a quiet country man.
I hear the mower going so hope Ben moves things like the hose and Kid's toys out of the way. Ben is a good kid but sure can be lazy and hard to get moving or motivated.


Anonymous said...

If you continuer to slam me,I think I can also make your life misserable. I prefer the Christ like ways, and if you believe you are Christian and go to church, the act that way. My so called DECEPTION was not an issue when we started see each other, and We also started that BEFORE your accident, so your SETTLEMENT was never an issue. I'm sorry you feel hurt, but this is not the way to deal with it.

Maggie said...

I am a legal citizen of the United States of America and by that, I have the legal right to post my thoughts, openly on my own personal blog. I have a legal right to my own feelings, own interpitation and my own beliefs. I also have a legal right to express those on this, my blog, as I choose and desire.
You, on the other hand, do have right to get offended, be in a snit or otherwise make comments..

If you think I have slammed you, gee, that's too bad. Do you have another explanation for you being on a mortgage that you told me, more than one time, you were not on? Do you argue the point that your now ex--wife could NOT file bankruptcy alone on a mortgage that both of you were on? You told me she was going to file bankruptcy on the house and her debts. Then you told me she re-niged on filing that bankruptcy. So, have I stated anything here, that is not my feelings, which I am entitled to, that is not factual? Were your 2009 income taxes not yet filed in July 2010? Did you not tell me more than once that you would have your financial matters on solid ground 'in a month or so' and did you not tell me I had trust problems because I have pushed for legal financial relinquishments?
So, by what grounds do you feel you have the right to 'make my life miserable' And what makes you think you are important enough or powerful enough to do that?