My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Day, sad day

Otto and I made the run to Peoria to visit Don, it's been too hot for me to tkae that elderly man up to see his even older friend in the hospital so the cooler weather made a good road trip. Tomorrow we take their van and bring Don home, Otto is to get some hospice assistance with Don's care and Don is coming home to live out his remaining time where he wants to be, home.
The nurse that talked with us made Otto and I very aware Don's time is very limited but he is still capable of making his own decisions.
So, after a talk with us, the medical powers consulted and the decision was to allow Don to return home, to Otto and what hospice help that could be arranged and that despite the living conditions, Don had a right to that choice and all would be done to help and make his remaining time here as good and as comfortable as it can be.
Otto cared for Don's wife Barb, and does the best he can, but he's old too, now and can't do it all alone, and I can only do so much to help. None of us can turn that place into a much newer house with good plumbing, good roofs and floors.
It's in God's hands, and Don and I have trust and faith in God, now we will have to use that belief and faith to help Otto through this and to make sure he decides to keep living without his best friend. The 3 of them were such a tight family unit, they built a family out of love that many people never have.
And they watch out for me, they brighten my life just by their caring and watchful eyes, there is no way to explain what good and kind neighbors I have that accepted me into this corner of the world and helped me make it home.
Now, I will help Otto see that his life still has purpose and value, that even though Barb's body left, her spirit and love is still here, even though Don's body is leaving, his love and spirit is still a part of Otto. And when I get that settlement, we will go shopping for that headstone that Don couldn't afford for Barb, that Otto can't afford for Barb and Don. State Farm can buy that bit of stone, I'll do what they never had a daughter to do for them.
And I will cry and grieve with Otto, and include him in my old house renovation plans, my look at land plans, my monolithic house plans and maybe if he's willing, get him to go to church with me when I can.. He will be so lost and alone. I know how that can feel, so it's my turn to reach out, my turn to be the friend.
And on the way home, we came by Green Valley, it wasn't too far out of the way and the Miller's monolithic home..which has solar panels and wind turbine..woooo. Now, Otto does see what I am talking about, not just the photos on the internet. Something to take his mind off the hard stuff we faced at the hospital.
Now I do my silly life stuff, Kid is thrilled to have me home, Bryon came just after I got home so helped pack some bed pads over for Don's use. I had several packages of disposable bed pads that will help make some of that home care a bit easier.

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