My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Staying Busy here

I am managing to stay busy here, Ben is back for a few days and is helping me with removing sand from the utility area so that we have more storage room under the house. Now I have a lot of sand to move onto the berm as I have time.
Ben will get his things stored under the house and help move Jake's so we can then again work on moving out more sand and making more space so I can start moving some things down from the attic to under the house.
I pulled up some info on monolithic homes and will do some rough plans and check into finding if there are any firms around this area building/putting up monolithic structures. I did get a new printer and it's software is installed on all my computers now. And was able to print out some floor plans from a company that does monolithic plans and building supplies.
I am considering buying a new landscaping program and playing with it and various house ideas so I have some 'view' of what I might end up with, if/when I buy some land and build a home.
Have church and doll club meeting tomororw, Ben will be here with Kid so that gives me less worry. Kid had his shots and has an appointment for nutering later this month. He is doing well here and getting a bit more energetic, he's been starved for a while and is somewhat run down but is young and seems healthy so should recover fast.
The foot and I go back to the docter Sept. 2, so I hope to see some improvement in the next 4 weeks and will try and not overwork it in the meantime. I know it is healing, and that I push too hard some times but I am trying to be more considerate of that damaged foot.
Mike is working on getting his finances in the black and his income taxes taken care of. His financial situation has had a negitave effect on my feelings and confidence in building a life with him. That is something I know is very important to me, financial stability and accountability.
I am working on getting my finances back in stable condition once again. It won't happen fast but I also know as long as I am careful I will see the debt load drop a little each month and in time I will have the settlement to pay off my debt load. But I am not waiting for that to start getting my finances under control and managable.
And I am no longer going to talk with Mike about the settlement or much of my long range plans for my life or the settlement. Right now I feel that is a wise decision, it is my settlement and I need to be the 1 making decisions. He needs to manage his own business and get it on track, it needs far more work than does my business or settlement.
So, despite a very painful foot, life here looks really good, got a dog who loves me, got space to store Ben's things, got a handle on my finances, got food in the house again, got great friends and a house over my head. Ya, life is looking pretty good here


Chloe said...

Maggie, you are REALLY smart about money. Look how well you have done before the accident and how frugal you are now.
Look how joyful your life is---your boys, the Kid, your crafts and doll art.
I just want to give you an "atta girl" because sometimes women our age think that we need a man to be complete.
You are complete. You are generous, charitable, interesting and interested. That sounds pretty complete to me.
Did your Marine get his new socks?

Maggie said...

Jake, the Marine gets socks as often as I can get them knit, He's a great kid and appreciates them.
And I love my life single, that man is someone I met and cared about when I was 16 and again at 20. But I am a far different and more independent and capable woman. If he wants to be a part of my life, he has to pull his own weight. He has to get his financial matters in working order. He also needs to know and accept that this insurance settlement is not going to benefit him very much, if at all...
I don't 'share' well, and I don't plan to make some man's life peachie wonderful...