My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Improving, slowly

This ruptured appendix stuff has really kicked my butt. Yesterday was miserable all day, nausia, diareha, pain...but slept good, woke up feeling some better, more like 'me' and lab came and drew blood so that is a positive sign. Know the surgion will want to see white cell count has gone down. Not sure what else they will look for but the cherry and young resident -again- told me she thought I could go home, gee she said that Monday and Tuesday and there was NO WAY the surgion was ready to release me.
I do get real food and can have a shower-once all the paperwork has gotten processed for those orders.
Know I have a lot waiting for me at home, Otto and Kid and my life. And time to put up Mike's photos, time to write 1 of those 'notes' I do on Facebook that Mike hates. Too Public, too open for him. But I am not hiding much in my life, and certainly not his 'dirty linen'.
I don't know if he is just that 'stupid' to think I would not figure out his lies and his financial problems, or that I would not care, or that I would figure I was too deep into the relationship to bail. I would not have bailed, not out of My boat, he would have been out with life vest or less and I would not have been concerned about sharks, after all, his sharks, not mine.
I will never know what all was going through his brain, but that comment about 'our relationship ruining a good thing' sure has me puzzled. Maybe another woman foolish enough to rescue him from his own financial mess, maybe it was the end of a long held dream of life with the woman he thought I was.
My questioning mind has to wonder but the man has not enough significance to me for it to be really important. He proved his lack of necessary qualities to be a partner with me, and he proved he is not and probably has not for years, been worthy of trust.
Me, I am going to make this life of mine work, get over this appendix problem, get back to work, get the settlement done with State Farm and go on with my life.
And now I am going to shut this down and see if I can get a real breakfast...


Chloe said...

You have me hooked! I'm Katie Wenthur on facebook and would like to see you expand on your journey. I know exactly where you've been, how you've been deceived and how you've grown-up.Not an easy transformation but at the heart of it, a really necessary change.

Hope you are feeling better and your stomach stops hurting. (And HOW do you manae to get all of that yardwork done?!!!)

Maggie said...

workaholic??? I love working in my flower beds and garden, and love to knit and sew. I do not like appendix problems, but the surgion was young and cute as he cheerfully told me he sucked out a lot of pus. Good, good, and today he happily told me to go home, my white count was looking very good, take ALL my antibiotics, I am on 2, take the pain meds Before I am miserable and see him in 2 weeks.