My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Kid in the house..

I admit I love dogs, and big dogs best of all, so now a neighborhood stray has gone from shelter across the street, to the house north of me, to my house. And I will admit once I was sure there was a good chance no owners were looking for him or would be claiming him, I was off to Wal-Mart to spend $80+ on dog stuff. Ya, food, chew bones, toys, cable tie out, collar. Flea stuff, wormer, and came home to set up for living with a pup that has a long way to grow into those huge feet.
I can afford to support him, and he's not too bad a Kid, doing good at leaving my things alone and only chewing on his things, doing all toilet things outside, needs some training but I only told him once last night 'Off' and he didn't try to crawl onto my bed with me.
He did ok with the trip in the truck, met the human #2 son and Tamara, coped ok with being fastened out on the new cable run while I took the human kids back to Rushville. We went up to get them so they could get a book and parts for Tamara's car.
Mike talks like he is working on his financial issues. He can or not, but I will rapidly end this relationship if he does not clean up his financial mess and we will both sign legal statements if he moves here that clearly do not give the other any legal claims on property or possessions owned by the other person or bought by funds earned or gained through any settlements.
Which translates to I will make sure my property and accounts stay secure and that long term he never gains legal claim to any of them.
He talks about what all he and Annette had, and how well they did financially but I will believe what I see and not what I hear. I do understand about all the yearly renewall costs hitting at the same time, they do for me also. But this financial bind seems to be on-going, and his income taxes not even being filed is a bit scary for me. He does say he will get that taken care of as soon as he can get down to St. George and get the needed paperwork.
In the meantime I will do what I need to do with my life, and get finances in order, some things here at the house done, like Ben's stuff better stored and not in my way, the weeds and grass cleaned up in the garden and flower beds and so forth.
I do not think foot is ready for back to work but do feel it is making progress every day, not fast progress but progress.
I need to work on some doll things, wish more of what I had up for sale at Kish-Chrysalis/yahoo would sell, but I do have things cut out and need to work on getting them sewn and done.
Well, I need in clothes and boots and see if Kid will go out and spend some time outside while I work on some of that grass left in the garden to clean out.
Tomorrow is See Dr Mulshine day and as a friend also has MRI and needs a driver coming back, we will go together and that will probably do in my mall crawling and trying to find some non-steel toed boots I can wear. Steel toes are fine but I do know I will be keeping this foot in boots most of the time for a long time to come and need something more than work boots for that.

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