My new ride, Fraelsi

My new ride, Fraelsi
Fraelsi means Freedom in Farose

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rain, Rain and leaking roof...

Man, I like rain storms but this leaking roof stuff gets old fast--and knowing I will be living with it for many more months or a couple years--that really stinks. But I will keep living in this old house, insurance is currently making the payments for me, and I will make them once I am back to work or when something is settled with the insurance. The insurance on the mortgage will make the payments as long as I cannot return to work so that is 1 worry off my shoulders.
Pal Julie was here today and we worked on making her some curtians for her trailer, it and her lot are now paid for. Usually we work on doll outfits but she had some fabric and so curtains for her bedroom were the project for today.
I am making progress on the house plans, and thinking on landscaping plans. I need to make several copies and ink the main 'walls' so that I can then do several different interior plans and do some exterior stuff too.
I really want a nice front/west porch on the new place, and would like it deep enough to sit out there and watch it storm when it's warm enough to do that. And a deck off the kitchen/east so I have a place to entertain and have a grill and cook out some.
I am considering long term insurance costs and long term having to pay my property taxes, and also up-keep costs and utilities and do plan to have solar panels and want to look into wind generators..
Mike is hauling from Albuquerque to Salt Lake again, think he got into Albuquerque Thursday and loaded out today...not sure if he has 3 cars or less...but it's not my business and not my finances to balance. And it won't become mine either.
Ben and I did haul sand out of the utility space under the house and now have a damp area that tells me there is a leak in the main sewer line so we will be doing some more digging and clear that pipe out so we can find the damage and repair it before we start storing anything in that area. No idea when or how long it's leaked, not much but enough that the sand is damp and staying damp.
Julie is coming over tomorrow and we will finish up her curtains and do some other stuff. We might even get up town so I can pay my insurance bills that are sitting on my desk. And we might work on some doll things too..

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